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About Us

Welcome to Hound Homes!

We are Katia & Bert, the owners and founders. We started this journey in 2018 after one of our dogs, Max, had knee surgery and he needed to be crated at night to prevent him from jumping in and out of our bed as he had done it for the last 8 years.  

We got him a metal crate, and like many other dog owners, we ended up putting a blanket on top of the crate to make it look better and that's when we had the brilliant idea to turn those ugly, jail looking metal crates into the most comfortable Hound Homes. 

Max is now fully recovered but he still sleeps inside his Hound Home, fully equipped with our Hound Bed, Hound Blanket and Hound Pillow. 

As an experienced dog trainer, Katia recommends the use of dog crates to solve many behavior problems. A dog needs to have a personal place where he or she can relax and feel comfortable and safe. The problem is that many owners feel guilty and those negative feelings pass onto the dog, and the result is both the owner and the dog end up hating the crate. 

Another problem is that they are not aesthetically pleasant, so people sometimes put the crate as far away as possible, in the laundry room, in the garage or any other place where people won't see those ugly metal crates. 

With Hound Homes, the crate is now transformed into a functional but fun looking dog house that can be placed in any room in the house where the dog can now be part of the family and the Hound Home is also part of the house decor. 

Hound Homes is the perfect solution to give your dog a place where it can relax, sleep and feel safe in the most comfortable setting while the owner enjoys having their dog relaxing safely nearby. 

Our passion is to improve the relationship we have with our dogs, through mental, physical and emotional balance. 

We make all our products with love, by hand in Colorado, sourcing local materials as much as possible and recycling all of our waste. We also make beds for dogs in need with all the fabric remnants. 

Thank you for sharing the love for dogs!  

Max, who is fully recovered, says hi from beautiful Colorado ❤